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08 May 2004 Saturday

broken archive file templates

slated in site-building at 1:45 am

UGH. i broke my site. (accidentally deleted all my archive file templates. disgusting.) <strong>aggravatedly trying to fix it</strong>

okay. in the process of trying to fix it, i’ve implemented Brad Choate’s MTIfEmpty plugin, and also the Regex plugin on which the aforementioned is dependent. so that’s nice for my empty categories issue.

but i’m still suffering a very nasty:

Renaming tempfile
’.../archives/.new’ failed: Renaming ’.../archives/.new’ to ’.../archives/’ failed: Not a directory


... why the $#&*( isn’t a) it okay to have entries with unassigned categories?, b) there a way to assign all entries an “unassigned” category?
this is painful.

so… i posted this matter to ‘Ask Brad’:

Okay. My question/issue/consternation is with Movable Type categories. What if I’d like to assign all unassigned categories a particular name anyway? Or, even better perhaps, what if I could assign all unassigned entries a category like “unfiled”? So I could make a new category named “unfiled” and either a) default all new entries to be categorized under “unfiled” unless a different category is specified, or b) have Movable Type figure out to assign all unassigned entries to the “unfiled” category.
Did that make sense?

How would I do some/any of these things?

I would think this would be floating out there somewhere on the web, but I seem to be using the wrong search terms, then, as I have been unsuccessful in this matter. Your advice would be very much appreciated.

now, back to trying to fix the stupid ’.new’ category template error. i know i’ll get this eventually…

...well, i’ve gone ahead and sent another post to Brad…

This question is sort of related to the other one I just posted, I think.. but is actually a problem I am having rather than a technique or feature that I’m interested in. First off, I’ll just go ahead and admit that I accidentally deleted my archive pages, thereby breaking my entire site. i was able to put them back, but I had never really understood the Archive File Template configuration to begin with… so I had to try to recreate that properly. I think i have it, for all but the Category Archive, which is not working whatsoever. Here’s the best I can figure it, for what I want:


Regardless of whether or not I’ve done it correctly, does that make sense to you? Can you tell what I’m trying to do? Anyway, whether that way would work or not, my big problem is that my site is now quite broken still, in regard specifically to category archives. It also is impeding my ability to post a new entry. This is the error:

Renaming tempfile
’.../archives/.new’ failed: Renaming ’.../archives/.new’ to ’.../archives/’ failed: Not a directory

I have run a fairly extensive search online and the suggestions I have found are basically:

  • underscoring my category titles (boo. dirify should take care of that, shouldn’t it? i did try this though.. it didn’t fix it.),
  • halting MT’s traditional practice of creating temp files in the rebuilding process (I hesitate to do this.. besides not being sure how to do it, I’m pretty sure there was a good reason this feature was there in the first place)

What do I have to do? sad and frustrated :-/

<strong>here's hoping</strong>

:cont’d at ‘Now I can sleep.’...

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