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14 December 2011 Wednesday

Fd broke

slated in site-building at 12:39 am

le sigh. Ferrydust was broken.. exhibiting a couple of errors across the pages that I figured traced back to some plugin that was attached to a mysql or php version upgrade or something. I checked the internets and several other sites experiencing the same error. But I couldn’t find a fix or pinpoint the problem and I couldn’t hide it, so I went ahead and upgraded the Textpattern version to current (4.4.1), which hasn’t been done in ages. (Did this across two other sites that were similarly “broken”.) This solved one or two errors, but left another one or two.. I trial and errored until I found the plugin linked the the problem and disabled it. Surely that would break some pages on some articles but so be it. Otherwise seemed to be well. Discovered today that articles were not showing on some pages… Went through and eventually found a ridiculous fix (changed txp:article to txp:output_form) but a) that was really stupid—shouldn’t be that way and b) still others still not showing/working/cannot be so “straightforwardly” fixed. Will have to deal with it later. Scrap the whole thing and start with some existing uncustomized template?

Also, grrrrrrrr.

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