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18 May 2005 Wednesday

Musical Baton

slated in stuff, consumed at 3:09 am

A few people out there already know what happens if you ask me to suggest a couple of songs from my music collection…
I don’t really know how to suggest just a couple.

Hans obviously didn’t know this, though, so he very sweetly passed me a Musical Baton Meme thing.. *mischievous grin* cool.

I’m resolving to behave this time, though…

Total volume of music files on my computer:

There are 15.8 GB on BBB[the computer], ~8 gigs of which require sorting
and 17.7 GB on Casey[the external harddrive]
there’s about a 4.5 gig overlap between them.
So I guess that makes about 29 GB total.

The last CD I bought was:

What’s a CD?
I think the last one was for my brother. Probably a European pop-band of some sort, then.

Song playing right now:

oh… hold on.. lemme turn on the player.
okay, shuffle (it’s almost always on shuffle) brought up ‘Sunray’ by Riley Armstrong.

Five(+) songs I listen to a lot/mean a lot to me:

Well on every harddrive (BBB, Casey, whatever-I’d-named-my-M3) I am sure to have the following:

Amy Grant – ‘Oh How The Years Go By’ . This song goes back with me to middle school. Always kept it close.

Sting – ‘Ghost Story’ . This song was on my playlist in Kyoto-summer2. I heard it for the first time while I was walking the forest path between the campus and the Dohokan, and with the beginning melody it had me hooked. The words that followed were hauntingly dead-on too..

<insert> Joe Hisaishi – ‘Summer’ . Sorry… it has to go here. </insert>

Badly Drawn Boy – ‘The Shining’ .

Jason Mraz – ‘You and I Both’ . I love singing this song to myself. It’s up there with Madonna’s ‘More’ on the ‘fun to sing’ list. I never get tired of it.

DJ Doc – ‘Run To You’ . This remains my bounce song. Reminds me of a happy college dorm room and some very good people.

After that, there are dozens I have to keep with me at all times:
Collective Soul, Jimmy Eat World, Frou Frou, Howie Day, Jars of Clay, Garbage, Anggun, Postal Service, Vertical Horizon, Coldplay, Verbow, Better than Ezra, Jesse Cook – ‘Virtue’, Bif Naked – ‘Lucky’, Operatica – ‘Maria’s Dream’, Matchbox Twenty – ‘Unwell’, Wheelhouse – ‘Anna Begins’

…of course it continues… there’s a reason my collection stays so large despite my attemps to trim it all the time.
Did I overstep the Five-song question? *shrug*

Five people to whom I’m passing the baton:

Alberto – one of my primary sources of good music. Mark Norton – If I don’t see They Might Be Giants mentioned at least as a footnote, I’m going to feel tricked. Rob Sable – What does Rob listen to? I don’t recall any evidence of music being referenced on Leafy. No time like the present. Junhoe – My dear cousin Junhoe established a homepage presence just in time for me to toss this his way. I know he’s good for this; he basically does this for every one of his entries anyway. Alexandra – Will be nice to get a bit of German taste in the mix. My “to listen to” folder always appreciates some fattening.


Comments on Musical Baton

  1. Haha I have fell victim to asking you about your preference in music. I still have the huge list of songs from our conversation on AIM. Hopefully I can get through it sometime in the next 10 years. :-D Haha thanks again!
    commented Wed 18 May 2005, 04:42:57 AM :: link
  2. I used to do all these sorta things. Haha… Kinda stopped since no one passed the baton on :p
    commented Wed 18 May 2005, 06:01:02 AM :: link
  3. for anyone who wondered about Alex’s musical profile, it seems she’s been carrying this baton for quite the while already. seemingly, my comments system is blocking her address (why on earth!?), but here’s her retort and the link to her baton…
    Hi Alicson, mercy pour le baton :)
    i did get one some while ago from some german fellow. you´ll find my answers here . Sorry, you will not find any german songs on the list though. I love “Soul” a lot and listen to more or less everything except for traditional german music. I do understand the text :) But i guess americans would love some of those ;)
    Should send you some…
    have a nice day – alex
    commented Fri 20 May 2005, 07:59:31 AM :: link
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