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I’m a slave serving time for a life that I’ve forgotten.
if you stand in the middle you can keep your balance;


I am here you are here we are here they are here everyone is everywhere no one is nowhere we’re all somewhere there is no out there you are here


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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

29 September 2006 Friday

Comments are fixed

Broken comments form now solved

slated in site-building at 5:49 am

The last comment I received to this site was back in the very beginning of August.

I thought no one loved me anymore.

Turns out that my comment form has been completely broken.
A plugin (low_discuss) broke [intel and assistance via Amit ] at Textpattern revision 4.0.3, and… well.. I just never paid enough attention.

Problem is fixed as of now. Now I guess we’ll see if the lack of comments was due to the comments form being broken or whether no one notices either way ;)

*update: Okay, so I was totally wrong… It WASN’T working yet… NOW (as of 11:40-friggin-pm) it IS working.

02 September 2006 Saturday

slated in site-building, moments at 7:45 am

done with draft 1 of 3de design mockup.
to bed I go. g’night..

15 August 2006 Tuesday

1haiku revisited

slated in site-building at 7:07 am

1haiku.com I finally revisited 1haiku and gave it some actual attention, after completely neglecting it and mostly forgetting about it for over a year.

07 August 2006 Monday

slated in site-building at 12:34 pm

Enough of that for now.

Bedtime way past… The noisy garbage truck will be out in a couple short hours..
Was a nice brief rainstorm I was awake for, though…

Productive today. But much real work to do tomorrow.


14 July 2006 Friday

slated in site-building at 4:50 am

Calendar page is fully functional again.

06 July 2006 Thursday

slated in site-building at 5:21 am

Tag clouds are fun

Courtesy of Fran García’s lastfm_tagcloud plugin

01 July 2006 Saturday

Top Ridiculi'ers

slated in site-building at 6:03 pm

Finally got something working on Ferrydust that I’ve been wanting to implement since this site’s inception.

Thanks to the Rob’s rss_unlimited categories plugin, which I’ve been planning to install here for a while anyway, I’ve been able to break out the ridiculi section and feature the most frequent quotees..

30 June 2006 Friday

Site-building fdv2

since early April 2005

slated in site-building at 9:10 pm

March 2017~
[X]turned off ajw_clean_feed
[X]replaced rsx_frontend_edit_link with <txp:rss_article_edit> (had been using both; both were working very well)
[X]turned off zem_ir
[X]replaced@ rss_article_edit@ with <txp:rvm_if_privileged><a href="<txp:site_url />textpattern/index.php?event=article&step=edit&ID=<txp:article_id />">[ ] </a></txp:rvm_if_privileged>
[X]updated jnm_audio

[ ] all the jnm_audio calls in articles right now are broken links; the plugin seems to work beautifully, just need true links to the audio files
[X] txp:rsx_word_count appears innaccurate —was a mistake of txp:article_custom where should have been txp:article
[X] this article won’t load, perhaps because the title is all numbers. Same is true for post titled 23. Checking with forum Pretty sure it’s a plugin. will have to test turning off individual plugins. .. identified rss_suparchive as the cause. all works well with sgb_url_handler turned back on
[/] currently 58 plugins active. now 41. now 39.
[X] updated #archiveoffer#pagination; tons of conditionals.. improved… still tons;

15 May 2006 Monday

broken ferrydust

slated in site-building at 9:10 pm

it’s like a flu bug or something.. just kinda goes around I guess. well, now there’s a break in ferrydust.. the latter 40% of the frontpage html was obliterated, and about 95% of the main css file is also gone for good. fantastic. I’ve rebult as much as possible from old (very old) backups, and manually piecing it back.. but a number of things are sure to be out of place for a while. maybe a really long while. seems fitting, though has put me in a fouler mood.

08 May 2006 Monday

I'm a happy dumpling

slated in site-building, stuff at 6:59 am

As of early May 2006, a search in Google for happy dumpling turns up this website as result ~10. Yay. :) ?

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