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26 October 2004 Tuesday

About Me (2004)

slated in site-building at 3:41 am

This used to be the ferrydust ‘about me’, from late October 2004, retired late April 2005.

The thing you should understand, and maybe give some allowance for, is that i’m not really a webdesigner nor a programmer. I am a someone who likes designing things and playing on computers, and I wish I’d spent more time doing the former in the past several years. Regarding all the coding and programming and techinical stuff, I find I often don’t really know what I’m doing.. I am very thankful that other people do, and are kind enough to post instructions online for me to find, or to patiently advise me in the forums or even create specific scripts and plugins to indulge me. When remotely possible, I really like to be helpful too. I absolutely love that the internet makes so much so possible.

Anyway, this site is my learning process. Criticisms and constructive feedback and hellos and stuff are quite welcome. Just don’t be unnecessarily mean. Cuz that’s not nice. And I kick.

Replaced this photo (posted around 2005) for 2017.

The else you might find useful in contextualizing me and this site (same difference, sort of), are, first of all, I am me; and I am loved. Secondly, and every subsequent else, I have a ‘c’ in my name that is pronounced like a ‘k’, and my name doesn’t rhyme with anything. I have a younger brother, an asian mother, a caucasian father. I am several parts inclusive of Malaysian, Chinese, American. I am also decidedly sukoshi parts of ISB, RHS, UMD, Antioch, KSU, the Internet, the United States, journals, cherries, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries berries, and other mostly good things. I’m convinced durian is evil. Cookies are my thing. So is ice cream, and so are mushrooms (—the kind you put on pizza. The legal kind you put on pizza.) I always use the turn signal when I’m driving. 17-year cicadas in my presence offend me, as do mosquitos. I am a virgo. And female. I respond strongly to some many things cute, most things poignant, some things funny, and all things excellent. I have been often accused of being stubborn, emotional, and incredible.

I do suppose that was a bit excessively candidly self-indulgent. ..On second thought, this is my personal site. The very idea is excessive self-indulgence. I forgive me.

Thank you for stopping by / glancing through / meticulously reading everything on this site, and have a beautiful day.

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  1. nice place~i just found a lyric here:)
    B.T.W if you agree, i wanna add your link on my space:)

    commented Mon 15 Dec 2008, 11:34:42 AM :: link
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