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26 July 2006 Wednesday

My new love

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My mother went out to visit a friend in California last week.. She came back with lots of new things.. and introduced me to a new very good friend… Basil seeds.

My…god…they are soooo good. If you like bubble tea, then you should like basil seed drinks... even if you don’t like bubble tea, you should like basil seed drinks. Mom introduced it to me in the way of lemonade.. but it’s good in tea, acerola cherry drink (chilled, this might just be the world’s perfect drink)..

Bless my mom’s friend for introducing her to this wonderfulness, and for insisting that she take home a full jar of these little black beauties (which will surely be depleted within the week… I’ll try to ration it out to two..).

Just spill basil seeds in hot/boiling/semi-boiling water/drink, and they’ll fluff up magically.. some will float, most will sink…
And then you have this (healthy!) yummy, very fun textured thing to play in your mouth while you drink your drink.

If you like pulp in your orange juice (I really prefer my orange juice to have pulp in it… otherwise, it’s just not really real orange juice… fruits have pulp..they have texture.. the texture is at least half their appeal.. that’s why smoothies are so fun…) then you really will surely appreciate the texture and simple coolness that basil seeds (basil seeds!) bring to your drinks.


Comments on My new love

  1. I'm confused...so you can essentially put it in any drink? It's the seed itself that tastes good/adds character to the drink?

    commented Wed 26 Jul 2006, 06:21:57 AM :: link
  2. yep

    commented Wed 26 Jul 2006, 06:40:36 AM :: link
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