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slated in moments

i’m eating sashimi. *happiness*
imagine a large arcade plaza with every game(video and other amusement) you can think of… then give it a half-dozen additional floors and charge approximately $1 per 15 minutes of being inside—for free play—NO coins, NO tokens, none of that… the only additional charges are if you buy food/beer and stuff. they had arcade handgliding,horseriding,of course shooting games,racing games,table hockey,real fishing,disco,a game in which you kill zombies by typing quickly(good god..something for EVERYone..),bowling,ping-pong,sauna,weight-room,karaoke,reading space,dvd collection and viewing space,massage,basketball,etc. etc. etc. 8 floors. plusbasement and roof. basically $4/hour. a truly truly fabulous place. it’s called JJclub.
my brother’s coming to visit me in japan. *happiness*
we go to the beach (japan sea) at the end of the week. and i’m figuring whether it’s reasonable for me to ‘hop over’ to korea for a couple nights before meeting up with my aunt and her family and my brother, in tokyo.
i’m coming home soon. *happiness* there just might be a boy there who i’ve been kinda maybe sorta missing a little bit… ;)
wawson’s moving to cali. so is eddie. we’re gonna visit them sometime this winter. about time i go to california, anyway. in the meantime, i’m a lil conflicted about how to feel… it’s a wonderful experience… to move out, on your own, into a fresh environment to build another life.. you still have the love and support of the friends and familiarities that you’re hugging goodbye… and you’ve got a cell phone with built-in long-distance and aim, so… can’t be that bad, right? :-/ ... wawson, i’m gonna miss you a lot. eddie,....alberto’s gonna miss you a lot. :) hey austin, you best not be moving anytime soon… that’s enough good people moving to the west coast—the continent doesn’t need balancing out just cuz i’m on the east. ;p
tomorrow we have a japanese oral exam thing. yay.
a giant spider tried to eat me in my room last night. this thing was so big (i admit, most of it was legs… but it was no spindly daddy-long-legs…), the sound of it down my window blinds sounded like rain on a tin roof. i was not so pleased. hurrah for shinobikuma. :)
gion matsuri’s this weekend. (big festival in kyoto)
i’m looking forward to seeing my family in tokyo… i’ve really been craving a visit back to thailand tho.. i want to visit malaysia again soon also… and i did promise a certain boy i’d see him in australia sometime…plus i do have that whole wombat thing to try out…
i’ve been toying with a new personal site i want to develop… i’ve sorta tried it once or twice.. but nothing ever really beyond this aim site.. so.. i’m working on it. trying to figure out what pieces to include/privatize/publicize. so when i finish all that, the conent from this site will probably get swallowed up by that one… or should i keep a separate site like this for aim profile only? suggestions appreciated.
my sleep schedule here has been SOOOO whacked… ugh.
i have work to do. it’s the last thing in the world i want to do, but i’m so out of time here… ‘briefly update the rest of this site, then i’ll get cracking.

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