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01 October 2006 Sunday

Beautiful day

slated in moments at 11:14 pm

What a beautiful beautiful day.

The sun’s bright but there are light clouds… A consistent coolness and breeze, but in the sun’s rays the warmth is so nice..

Went for a great walk.. passed geese, beavers, many types of crazy-looking caterpillars, and a pair of garter snakes.. Found some nightshade too, maybe.. Sat in the grass and let the sun stream on my back through the fabric of the shirt for a while.
Went for a short bike ride.. I’ve not been on a bike in several years.

Power went out last night.. Stayed out til a little after noon.. A bit strange when all the light electronic humming stops.. but it’s alright.

I was quite pleased to come across those garter snakes in the bushes.. Also pleased (maybe the slightest bit perturbed, too… but not really) to have seen a great big raccoon come out on our street about two nights ago..

I liked the comment made yesterday about the “random” waterfall tucked right off the side of a busy street feeding into the capital city: that the inclination might be to think the waterfall is a pleasant surprise, out of place in that environment — but that perhaps it’s the road and cars and the city that is out of place, in a way..

..and Happy 1st of October.. ..though I do think a few more days of September could’ve been nice. Ah well. Moving along…

..cont'd (there's even a rainbow in this day...)
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