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02 July 2009 Thursday


slated in moments at 6:46 am

Full on wine. A few good malbecs.
Played almost two hours of DDR yesterday. That’s more exercise than I’ve had in … well, I exercised!
I wore a skirt today. Yes, it is that rare.
Got burned by splashing oil today while cooking (the thing I was holding slipped out of my hand and into the hot oil. it splashed. it ouched). Not bad, though. The scars should fade either by next week or certainly by next month.
Caught the clock at 11:11 a a little while ago.
Logos is behaving atm.. (Not so much the last few days.) Hopefully will still be behaving through tomorrow cuz I’m exhausted right now so can’t do anything useful nor fun with comp, and there is so much to be done/could be done. Meanwhile, bed.
P.S. Pocky is awesome.

Comments on 2009-07-01 Wednesday

  1. Andreas

    You are awesome, lovely. A gentle breeze of love will heal the burns in no time :-)

    commented Fri 03 Jul 2009, 12:28:16 AM :: link
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