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01 November 2009 Sunday

Operation: Shed the Stuff

Getting rid of as much of my physical personal posessions as possible

slated in moments at 12:54 am

Okay, Stuff. I like you, but I like creativity and movement and creation and space and organization even better, and you are in my way of those things.

I have seriously way, way, way too much of you — particularly given the amount of space I have to put you in. I understand I could seek more space for you, and, yeah, I’ll get more space; but honestly, even with more space, I could still do with less of you as you currently exist; I’m sorry.

Obviously, getting rid of you is no simple feat; some of you has attached to me sentimentally; some of you make good sense for being present — but only for future reasons; some of you are just really, really great but, frankly, I have no personal use for you.

I’d say it’s not personal, and, in general, it isn’t, but this has become really personal and I think that recognizing, embracing, naming, and attacking this — you — personally, will give me the violence I need to let you go.

I’d like to displace and eliminate at least half of you. I would really like to do that. ::deep breath:: Alright, Stuff; here I come; out you go.

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