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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

17 October 2010 Sunday

A little more than we think.

slated in moments at 8:56 pm

I’m taking procrastination to new heights this week. One of those memes came around recently with the antagonistic wolf and “challenge accepted” and I am apparently that wolf this weekend.
It’s okay. Whether I do or I don’t, there’s a tomorrow anyway.
Really good to see old friends; family, really.
I’ve been having the best ever rice soup lately.. those dried onions/scallions/whatever-they-are make it extra excellent.
I’ve been finding Excel to be pretty useful as a very customizable (yay colors!) task tracker, even if I haven’t been able to figure out that last formula to pull the headers on the daily tasks tab; I’ll get it eventually, or find an Excel god who can impart on me their magic.
Those little Anthon Berg chocolate liquor things are in season again. I love those things.
October’s pleasant, but I remain partial to September; I know I’m biased, but I think I’ve also become used to it as a time of transition and movement, while at the same time not as late as October/November to feel like the end of the year, and not the middle like June/July. So we’re in October, the obvious and brightly-colored throes of Autumn now; it’s beautiful but the leaves go so so quickly.. It’s just about winter coat weather which is yay but my extremities are already experiencing coldness at home which is not as much yay.
Also, I have never seen so many mosquitoes here; this is a banner year for them, and I simply cannot kill them all (nor nearly enough), even though I’m now stocked with three different electric swatters. Winter is welcome to put them to rest and hopefully they’ll stay down (and take the stinkbugs with them — I’ve never seen so many in my life and they just don’t belong in my house); I don’t need to see them for another dozen years or five times that.
Epic Mickey looks like I’ve hoped. Yet I don’t yet quite see my window for playing it; so many fun and good and joyful things go neglected.
Two things I have discovered to generate copious joy: 1) racing sudoku against someone, while talking to them (especially because they are so poor at multi-tasking), 2) teaching the song Do A Deer (a female deer) — it may take a year or so until he gets the notes right (he’s slightly better with the words), but it’s going to be great fun in the meantime..
Was going to hold off on the smartphone until early next year, but seems I may not hold out that long (I really feel I should get a cookie or pat on the head or something for going this long as it is..), so it’ll prolly be one of the new global droids that should be out in November. Apparently unlocking one’s phone to allow the use of foreign(local) sim cards is now a non-issue (and free). Progress!
Lots of rainbows lately: after rain, reflected onto clouds, shining across my desk. It’s a neat trick, Nature; thank you every time.
Been dreaming a lot. A lot. Don’t remember them, but they were movie-plot cool, or life-influencing eventful. I would like to know a lot more about dreamings and, if not the potential meanings/implications of the contents of the dreams, then the causes and effects of types of sleep and depth of dreams. In another life.
Palm open.

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  1. I am happy because I found your site
    I love that

    commented Tue 01 Feb 2011, 7:49:18 PM :: link
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