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01 June 2004 Tuesday

how to raise $40,000 in 4 days

slated in as so at 6:07 pm

it’s been (well-)said, so i don’t have to: “TextDrive, or How To Raise $40,000 In 4 Days”: the photodude rendition, by VC115 :) go read it.

Comments on how to raise $40,000 in 4 days

  1. guess...
    OMG! This is totally trippy...u didn't tell me u had a blog! Archives to 2002? Is it meant to be a secret? I can keep it if u want...I 've had a good look around so I know its u=) How exciting...I will be coming back...and u are going to have to guess who I am! Isn't this fun...=)
    commented Wed 02 Jun 2004, 11:21:51 AM :: link
  2. guess...
    Oh...yes...in my excitement I forgot to mention that I miss u and love u a lot... *huuuuuuuuge kisses* =)
    commented Wed 02 Jun 2004, 11:26:01 AM :: link
  3. purple girl!?
    commented Wed 02 Jun 2004, 11:59:45 AM :: link
  4. Purplekim
    Wow, that was super fast! Yes, it is I=) And u have a cool little purple face thingies, how cool...it can be my mascot!! Godness, and I really that transparent, how did u guess so fast... *sigh* I didn't even use the word 'heaps' =) How are you my sexy girl??
    commented Wed 02 Jun 2004, 1:22:55 PM :: link
  5. Purplekim
    'Purple girl' is going to bed now...i am super tired and it is half past one already...uni tomorrow...essays are overdue and I have to free Tibet on friday, so i need to sleep now...! Just wanted to say how crazy cool your site is and I love love love u, and will be back. Do u have a msg board i can come o play on?? How super cute is the sleeping face? Awwww...i'm so happy. Goodnight and many happy dreams to u...:)
    commented Wed 02 Jun 2004, 1:34:17 PM :: link
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