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25 March 2020 Wednesday


slated in reading at 4:02 pm

Orson Scott Card has a newish book: Lost and Found, and I’ve been missing the Pathfinder series, so this was a happy. Then partway into it, I was having such a good time, I decided to put it off and finally start the Mither Mages series that I’ve been avoiding because I don’t know why it sounded just so-so. Well so far I think Lost and Found will still be the better book, however I’m enjoying The Lost Gate AND and! it plays in Washington DC in familiar towns and streets AND and! it goes on to play in Yellow Springs, Ohio ! Xenia! of all places! Is it going to Kyoto next? I’m a happy.

Also, when they first commented that gate mages are all tricksters like Loki I was thinking that’s a bit of a rude generalization, however he’s fully justified and explained it, and I love all of it. It’s not great literature, however it is great fun, good cinematic story-telling, and the characters as usual are hilarious and sympathetic and fairly self-aware and often hilarious and/or adorable.

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