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16 August 2005 Tuesday


slated in moments at 9:25 pm

I have news. Ask me what it is. :)

I’m not going to post about it for perhaps a long while yet, but I’ll tell anyone who asks me.

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  1. kermit
    Greetings! I’m a total stranger but I’m terribly nosy. =) I’m also a Malaysian.
    commented Wed 17 Aug 2005, 8:48:16 PM :: link
  2. that is an adorable gravatar. and the answer is in your email :)
    commented Thu 18 Aug 2005, 6:40:57 PM :: link
  3. So what’s the news?
    commented Thu 18 Aug 2005, 8:54:59 PM :: link
  4. newwwwws!
    commented Fri 19 Aug 2005, 5:09:01 AM :: link
  5. yeah, i’m kind of intereted too. ‘fess up.
    commented Fri 19 Aug 2005, 6:48:09 PM :: link
  6. Okeydoke. I’ll bite. What’s the newsy news?
    commented Sat 20 Aug 2005, 1:15:13 AM :: link
  7. I wanna know, I wanna know!
    commented Sat 20 Aug 2005, 6:40:17 AM :: link
  8. Ann
    Okay, I’m curious as well!
    commented Tue 23 Aug 2005, 1:00:22 PM :: link
  9. inquiring minds want to know…please tell me too!
    commented Thu 25 Aug 2005, 4:26:05 PM :: link
  10. Oh, man… I need to know as well. What’s up?
    commented Thu 01 Sep 2005, 7:54:18 AM :: link
  11. First time on the site, first page I looked at. First comment I write, first piece of news I ever get from you?
    commented Sun 04 Sep 2005, 3:08:22 PM :: link
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