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04 February 2006 Saturday

stomach -- not tummy

slated in as so at 11:56 am

so…. i’d really never thought about it before…. but when your tummy typically hurts, it’s not typically your tummy that’s hurting.

in the back of my head somewhere, i’ve always had a vague image of the human anatomy, and that the stomach is actually way up higher than we tend to refer to it.. and it’s actually our intestines that are all jumbled up around our waist. our stomach is actually closer to the bottom of our rib cage.

and for the first time that i can remember, it is my actual stomach that’s hurting—not my tummy. it’s weird… like a chest pain, but lower… like a back ache, but in front. it’s definitley not in my waist/bellybutton area, where most tummyaches are usually felt.

it’s not terribly painful.. i’m not sure what that deal is. i figure it will forgive me whatever trespassess i am guilty to it for, and be nice to me again sooner than later. that’s my assumption and hope. but the whole thing is strangely more intriguing than uncomfortable—though it is rather uncomfortable.

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