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03 December 2007 Monday

Give me my @&$* book!

slated in consumed, mood at 5:21 pm

I need my 2008 calendar.

Paperblanks 2008
French Ornate Dayplanner
Horizontal Mini Bleu

I’m going to kill something.

It’s December. I should have a 2008 calendar by now.

Granted, I did not sleep much last night(=hour nap this morning) so that could be contributing to my crankiness over this..
But I’ve been waiting for that bloody calendar to be available for weeks and weeks and weeks now. I don’t think they’re going to sell it at all.

My 2007 calendar has been the excellent French Ornate Vert (green!) mini horizontal dayplanner that I’ve been very very happy with this year. Now I need the 2008 (ISBN 1551566745 or 978-1551566740). They (the general world/stores/internet search/shopping/places to buy things like 2008 calendars) have the green, but I already have the green. They have the blue in vertical, but I don’t bloody want the bloody vertical. GAH.

The only good alternative (better, actually) to the paperblanks mini dayplanner would be the tiny little book I got from Isetan years ago. But the internet doesn’t know if its existence and I won’t be near an Isetan (big department store. the only ones I’ve visited are in Malaysia) for much too long to be hoping to run into that little book again.

I’ll have to turn to index cards agin. Ugh. So annoying. You find something good and solid and then it becomes totally unreliable or completely unavailable and lets you down. I’m signed up for the notification of availability on Amazon. I’ve been scanning the internets[sic.] periodically every couple of weeks/days. I KNOW IT EXISTS IT HAS AN ISBN!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!


Comments on Give me my @&$* book!

  1. andi

    I am on your page here, LOVE the little planner. I too am signed up for the alert via amazon, but it’s almost FEB!! I got mine last year at Wild Oats who got bought out by the ever so better Whole Foods (HA) I can’t get organic avocados, let alone my trusty little planner anymore: thanks corporate america! I purchased by special order, and when they shipped, they shipped the wrong one-I hope they remedy, if they do, I’ll post their link. If they disappoint-they’ll get no free publicity from me :)

    commented Wed 16 Jan 2008, 11:26:06 PM :: link
  2. I ended up getting my little bleu dayplanner ! ::happy:: I had lost nearly all hope, but met success when I (very skeptically) called a local Borders Bookstore and found that they did have it and got them to hold it for me while I ranranran (drove after work) to pick it up. I am quite pleased with it (it’s just like my verde 2007 version), especially after the usual upgrades.

    I never heard anything at all back from the Publisher (Paperblanks). I would boycott them if I didn’t like their product so much. I would give up a Paperblanks mini dayplanner for a small Wa Biyori dayplanner from Isetan like the kind I had in ~2005ish. No time soon, though.

    I hope you find one for yourself .. Call a few Borders, maybe some Barnes & Nobles. Might seem a bit silly to general public, but the year is so much better accompanied by this little book.

    Speaking of avocados, I bought ten the other day. I was planning to make guacamole. I picked all the softest avacados I could find (I think I felt every single one. It was like playing jenga with the ones underneath the others..), but they were all very not-yet-ripe, and very hard. Some (once sliced) were more like really hard pears than avacados. I needed the guac ASAP, so went ahead and made a few anyway. But letting the remainder four ripen til they’re almost squishy. Oh, and I’m not sure (have no inkling whatsoever) what I was thinking, but I picked up dill instead of cilantro. Needless to say, it was not the most fantastic guacamole the world has ever seen.

    commented Thu 17 Jan 2008, 07:39:09 PM :: link
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