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21 April 2008 Monday

A rosé by another name is not the same rosé

slated in molehills, consumed at 9:24 am

A friend and I were trying to decide on a rosé wine for a pleasant outdoor spring meal. We had it down to two on the menu, and decided to ask the waiter to tell us/find out for us the differences between the two wines to help us choose.

a: What’s the difference between these two rosés?

Waiter: Well, they’re both rosés so they’re going to be really similar.

a: ….

Waiter: One comes in a half bottle, the other one comes in a full bottle (as was clearly marked on the menu). But they’re both pretty much the same wine.

a: um.. thanks.

Uh-huh. One’s from 2005. The other’s a 2007. They’re totally different brands. One’s from Australia. The other’s from Argentina. I’m no connoisseur, but…. “they’re both rosés so they’re the same”?!? OY! Seriously, OY!!!

We went with the Crios Rosé of Malbec from Argentina.

The meal and wine were excellent (despite good-looking but disappointingly absurd waiter).

Comments on A rosé by another name is not the same rosé

  1. You should’ve just had white wine or a sangria. Rosé…have I taught you nothing about wines?

    commented Mon 21 Apr 2008, 03:46:07 PM :: link
  2. They didn’t have sangria.
    The rosé was not my idea
    — but even so, it was a good a rosé, and quite ideal for the weather and setting and meal.
    And don’t be discarding wines based simply on their color! All pink wines are not the same! Racism is bad!

    commented Mon 21 Apr 2008, 04:22:49 PM :: link
  3. I’m discarding them based on their taste. I’m a taste-ist, if anything.

    A good pinot grigio/gris is much tastier and refreshing. YUM! YUM, I say!

    commented Mon 21 Apr 2008, 06:24:23 PM :: link
  4. You like reds and select whites in some circumstances. You’re casting out rosés because they’re pink. The Crios wasn’t even really pink; it was much more a pretty red — just not dried blood/dark burgundy and classified “red” the way you accept. But fine, it’s classified “pink” and that’s why you’re discarding it. You can’t discard it on taste because you didn’t taste it!

    Besides, I don’t trust someone who doesn’t appreciate Sangria. It’s wine plus fruit. What’s not to like? Humph I say, humph!!

    commented Mon 21 Apr 2008, 07:34:08 PM :: link
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