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24 November 2008 Monday

My dayplanner's elusive as ever

slated in consumed at 5:59 pm

I’ve been aware that we’re almost into December which is almost into 2009.. but it just hit me a few minutes ago that this = I need a new mini cal (dayplanner).

I want to know why, WHY it is such an uphill battle to purchase my Paperblanks Mini Horizontal Dayplanner each year. Not a single one seems to be on sale yet at Amazon, B&N, nor Borders (Borders was my hero last year..).. I see some possible options on two sites, which I may resort to.. But what the heck; why is it so difficult for me to purchase an annual product?

Only Kali [link1] [link2]seems to be on the ball in selling them.. and the Bleu is already sold out. I guess I’ll be getting the vert again, which I had in 2007.

Also, maybe one day they’ll come up with some new designs/colors for those of us c omitted to the product but appreciative of variety on a year-to-year basis? The design is golden, and I’ve loved the colors of my last two (vert and bleu), but the hot pink is not happening and all the other great colors are available only in different design (flap-over hardcover or no latch at all, rather than the unobtrusive, ideal, mini magnetic flap). (This Yamabuki version is potentially interesting (not sure about the sturdiness of the magnetic latch cuz it looks thinner) but of course this isn’t sold anywhere. Why why why are they making it so hard for me to give them my money?)

Comments on My dayplanner's elusive as ever

  1. Tiffany

    um, if it makes you feel any better i was just saying the same thing over and over…why why why! and i ran across your rant which has made me feel much understood (but alas, still no dayplanner in hand!) I’m looking for the vert slim verso edition. i think i’m outta luck. i did see it on amazon in germany and at this rate i’m ready to catch the next plane, kids in tow, just to get the damn thing!

    commented Thu 11 Dec 2008, 08:03:31 AM :: link
  2. You understand! Why are they making it so hard for us to give them money for something they presumably (maybe not?!) want to sell?

    commented Thu 11 Dec 2008, 05:53:17 PM :: link
  3. Paulette Schubert

    from Paulette in Kansas City, MO
    I, too, seek to purchase a 2009 paperblanks calendar, preferably the slim version, but will settle for either a mini or a midi. It is interesting that they are indeed so difficult to obtain. For 2006 and 2008, I had the high button shoe style and liked it very much. Many of the designs are quite nice. Thanks for the link to the paperblanks website in Canada. I have called them and left a message. Hope they return my call with good news. Regards, Paulette

    commented Thu 01 Jan 2009, 02:21:36 AM :: link
  4. Jennifer

    I also have been on the hunt for my favorite Paperblanks planner. This is my third year. The first year I bought from the local Barnes & Noble. I had no idea it would be this difficult!

    commented Mon 16 Feb 2009, 05:00:36 AM :: link
  5. Sarah

    I’m still on the hunt for a 2009 slim bleu dayplanner. Been looking since mid-January in both LA and Chicago to no avail. Please update if anyone finds some!

    commented Fri 06 Mar 2009, 04:02:25 AM :: link
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