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04 May 2009 Monday

Hold up.

slated in molehills at 6:05 pm

How can you not know songs from Lion King?

How can you not know Disney songs / watched Disney films in general?

How can you never have eaten nor conceived / heard of chocolate chip pancakes?

How are we going to get past these?

… You don’t know ABBA songs either?

Comments on Hold up.

  1. Huli

    That depends on your definition of ‘know’. I recognize several songs from “Lion King”, I remember a verse or two from some songs but no I don’t know them if that means reciting any in their entirety.

    You’ll live and probably have me watch them.

    I in general don’t memorize song lyrics, and I haven’t seen many cartoons or animated films since middle school.

    I have been deprived on the chocolate chip pancake front… I was also perhaps a bit too easily satiated by blueberry syrup to feel much impetus to think of adding other things to my pancakes.

    We’ll get past them.

    I’ve heard of Abba and heard many of their songs, but no I never bothered to connect them.

    commented Wed 06 May 2009, 5:17:26 AM :: link
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