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22 November 2009 Sunday


slated in moments at 7:21 pm

“Just three miles from the rest stop”

Kaya (ohemgee yay!) and toast, blueberry pancakes, and a bit of cheese = breakfast.
Definitely not hungry anymore but still feel like eating something.

Have had the Steve Porter Community Remix running in my head for weeks now. It’s awesome. Also probably reasonably amusing for those listening to me (attempt at) reciting it.

Seeing as how there are far more important things I’m supposed to be doing, I may actually get my room clean.or close to it.



My brother and I have a long-standing deal. My parents managed to instill in him a healthy fear or general avoidance of eating cookies/brownie/cake batter due to the raw eggs; though they tried, (and would still try if they would ever saw me do it again,) they never managed to instill this same disinclination in me — I always eat the batter. So when my brother makes brownies (he makes amazing brownies) or cookies or anything, he calls me up afterward and offers me the bowl and stirring spoon with the remainder batter. I consume and be generally joyful, and then wash the bowl and spoon. Everyone wins.


Holy lots of loads of laundry batman.

So I have this blue shirt. It’s new. never been washed before. Wore it today; did laundry. Now there’s a ridiculous bleach stain on the bottom part of it. Maybe I leaned on something? Maybe something spilled on me? But I didn’t use any bleach today! And I didn’t even wash this shirt! It isn’t fair! Blah.



I have a lot of stuff in my room.
But I generally really like the stuff that I have.
Discarding any of it is hard. Has to be done.

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