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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

14 January 2004 Wednesday


slated in moments at 1:17 pm

i dreamt of living in australia… things were kind of spread out, i guess… but most things tended to look new, i think.

    at one point, i suppose i was wandering around on my own for whatever reason… faintly heard a young boy calling for help… i looked all around.. i was in a semi spread-out/new neighborhood… i finally spotted the boy in a tree… he was hanging on a branch by both his hands.. actually, though, he wasn’t far from the ground.. but i ran over… now i’m fuzzy… i think he jumped down.. but the result and reaction that follows suggests that he fell or was otherwise hurt/upset… he had been calling for help so loud and urgently… maybe that’s why i was surprised to glance over at his house, just a couple meters from the tree, and see his mother (and sister)? through the (porch?) window.. just sitting, doing their own thing, as if nothing were happening outside. they weren’t closed windows, btw… maybe with a screen on them or something. anyway, i guess my resulting impression of australia was that it’s a comparitively laid-back place.

    something about dogs/puppies… spaniels, seemingly..

    intention to move over there, so i guess we were scouting the area…

    ended with a supermarket and my mother was there and she ended talking with this young woman, i guess about my age or thereabout.. who had a very young baby.. my mother asker the girl if she was the mother of the baby.. i didn’t hear the response..ultimately my impression was that she was… but my mom called over to me, and asked me, “are you good with babies?” or something.. i guess we decided affirmative… apparently the baby needed burping and i guess they had been unsuccessful.. i guess.. the baby was cute.. fragile… i took her and held her.. i’ve never burped a baby.. wasn’t sure at what pace to pat the baby’s back.. did it quite lightly..i guess i did it right… gave him/her.. her, i think.. back to her mother… it was an interesting experience.

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