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Enduring philosophies and favorite quotes

When the ground starts moving beneath their feet, they reach for answers that seem solid, even if they are simplistic.


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First the thought and then the act
To think a plant up towards the sun
It can’t be done, it can’t be done

Sam and Libby, Lib and Sam
Made a little one of them
A baby’s born a man to die
I don’t know why, I don’t know why


these four walls no longer hold me like you once did


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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

30 July 2006 Sunday

slated in dreams at 4:41 pm

Really interesting dream. I like the way my mind works.

The plot twist surprised me, but it made very good sense of the pieces at hand.

29 July 2006 Saturday

slated in dreams at 4:47 pm

Jennifer Lopez had a brief cameo in the Xmen movie.. Mom noticed it.. had to rewind to see…
Robin Williams had a brief background cameo also.
That was all really random.

A neat setting in an oceanish enviornment.. cool building over the water.. commercial space for rent.. very rustic style.. clean.. kind of currently laid out as a restaurant..

28 July 2006 Friday

slated in dreams at 4:12 pm

setting was key in last night’s dream..
a multi-story house, already many “stories” high, on a long pole like a redwood tree.. in a village in the canopy of a semi-dense population of similar houses.. some rickety.. some firmer.. all very rustic.

19 July 2006 Wednesday

goldfinch dreams

slated in dreams at 6:01 pm

A cop arrested someone for speeding.. and then gave him a heavy fine instead, for personal reasons.

A goldfinch flew really close to my head.. and I remembered that goldfinches mean secrets and I should remember a secret.. but I couldn’t think of what secret I was supposed to remember. And then the goldfinch was gone and I thought that maybe I can’t ever remember the secret now cuz the goldfinch is gone and I missed my window.

And something about different colored stones and how some of them are colors that no one has seen or documented yet.. there are just so many stones in the world and too many for all the colors to have possibly be accounted for.

20 June 2006 Tuesday

slated in mused, dreams at 5:26 pm

It’s not something I want to call attention to, so I wasn’t going to.. but for my own reference: the gun I referred to in the previous entry bothers me a bit, because it’s not something I take lightly or even find humor or beauty or identity in, as I know is a culture these days..

slated in dreams at 3:51 pm

deep sea… on a boat or submarine… either going after a huge whale, or taking one out to deep sea… it’s looking for escape.. taking stock of the landmarks as we leave shallow waters.

19 June 2006 Monday

slated in dreams at 4:35 pm

Tons of dreaming.

Waterpark of some sort? or turned out to be set up that way…
tiered high levels of water/pools..
friend from highschool, Sheldon, was there..
I hadn’t tried the water slide.. so I tried it.. was interestingly designed.. like sliding down a banister, rather than a halfpipe/slide. (Banister waterslide worked really well… in real life tho, ‘don’t think it would be so balancable, at that velocity and frictionlessness.)

26 May 2006 Friday

slated in dreams at 4:59 pm

Very thorough dream…

Sakura had intended and promised to keep after Sasuke even though he had abandoned them all and betrayed them, but came upon where she changed her mind and took it all back—

18 May 2006 Thursday

not quite like Angel

slated in dreams at 5:10 pm

vampires, I think…
and a vampire baby who could be called out of protective dimension to be protected from bad guys kept coming to house after baby. strange. several other things but forgotten

16 May 2006 Tuesday

Field trip

slated in dreams at 3:52 pm

teacher had used invisible ink on all our papes… grading of each other’s classmates’ papers. Thought I happened to have a compatible pen, but not. Teacher had limited, so I picked a rock to sit on and waited. When I woke up (on the rock), they had all left.. moved on to the next segment of the field trip I guess. So I got on the trail and looked for them. Hit several spots.. crossed paths with many other tourists.. Ended up in one large exhibit center in which I entered a room where they were explaining how there was a point in time (early aviation? certain period in history?) where people could buy plane seats for their pets (a separate compartment in plane…), and it was two pets to a seat… There was a big display of them… various dogs (maybe cats too? I only remember dogs) all in the seats, mostly two to a seat.. And I was in that room for a bit with their explanation.. I don’t remember much else.

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