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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

26 May 2006 Friday


slated in dreams at 4:59 pm

Very thorough dream…

Sakura had intended and promised to keep after Sasuke even though he had abandoned them all and betrayed them, but came upon where she changed her mind and took it all back—didn’t just stop what she was doing, but actually reversed events or regained time and walked away from it… Sasuke left behind the glass in complete sadness.
Lots of contradictions from the actual storyline…

And then at a friend’s swimming pool, and filling out a survey saying that when we swim it’s usually at our friend’s pool… and then it was a party of some sort.. and friend/owner of house came out with several friends carrying a brand new video game system.. new generation console.. (although every now and then the box flickered NES), I think it took several people to carry this box, come to think of it… Other called attention to it, in excitement, and the authorities of the party came to confront, since not supposed to bring a video game console in, or something.
I was waking up by this point.

It’s not bright outside today. Just started raining full.

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