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19 June 2006 Monday


slated in dreams at 4:35 pm

Tons of dreaming.

Waterpark of some sort? or turned out to be set up that way…
tiered high levels of water/pools..
friend from highschool, Sheldon, was there..
I hadn’t tried the water slide.. so I tried it.. was interestingly designed.. like sliding down a banister, rather than a halfpipe/slide. (Banister waterslide worked really well… in real life tho, ‘don’t think it would be so balancable, at that velocity and frictionlessness.)
At the end where I hit the water, I think I replayed it a couple times (as is only possible in a dream) t control ideal time to have my mouth closed/be breathing out when I hit the water.
‘Prize’ (or something) for coming down the slide was to have my ears pierced… Which, only after that was all done and I was back with my friend(s) in the other pool, and they pointed out that pink earrings with some logo (don’t remember which) on them were not quite as nice as my old ones, I kicked myself for having let them do it in the first place… I already have my ears pierced. What’s the point of letting them pierce over the same holes? What if they messed them up?

Moving along.. some sort of Alias-themed situation.. I think I was main character, but dun really remember now. turned out to be a team of three—in retrospect, that’s like Charlie’s Angels… except that we weren’t goofy and flashy.. We had killed one of the bad guys’ ladies, and they had needed her to meet someone on an incoming flight, who had the means for them to perform some ritual or something.. they hinted at something powerful.. kind of like a fix for immortals.. they kinda glowed like vampires towards the end, but the three girls didn’t quite seem to get it (so here I guess I wasn’t one of them). Anyway, so they’re coerced to take the woman’s place, and meet the guy on the plane. Forget what happened but end up killing him.. Check the luggage… find lots of candy in some bags… I find a large, kind of flat, rectangular bag, and upon opening find lots of candy kind of separated into piles.. and about half of them (if not most?) were empty wrappers… I called the other two’s attention over, saying this one looked suspicious… looking further, some of the wrappers and wads of paper(?) had what looked like chewed/spit-out candy… We all decided it was pretty repugnant, but the whole thing was probably what bad guys were after.
trying to leave airport quickly without looking suspicious. (we did just kill someone on a landed plane.) something something… run away… rooftops… plane take back off as we go..get out…

and then I’m with my cousins.. and I’m talking with Alvin about stuff and something about work and how much we’re making and how while I’m here in U.S. I’m making more than he is, but if he were working here, he’d be making much more cuz he’s an engineer.. and encouraging him to apply for stuff here and see how it works out.. and then realizing he’s already here, which is awesome and hasn’t happened before, so he really should go interview and stuff while he’s here, however brief his trip is. And his sister Alina is also here, walking with another person (her mom?) and I ask her what she’s up to.. and she’s taking a class of some sort.. she explained the studies to me..’were interesting.. very understandable but not mainstream.. I’ve forgotten that, but I remember that going into a fair amount of detail.

The end.

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