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Enduring philosophies and favorite quotes

Kyle: That’s not important.
Ann: What is?
Kyle: Knowing who I am.


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I wanted a story that couldn’t be told…
only the fishing part of fishing.
I didn’t see the brave girl so near me.
I couldn’t hear you singing softly to me.


I started looking, and the bubble burst.
the truth is… I miss you.


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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

04 March 2009 Wednesday

slated in moments at 12:19 am

1. Hot damn, Spanish is a far sexier language than I ever ever gave it credit for.

2. I don’t believe in settling. Not where it counts. Never have. Started buckling on that a little in past years, thinking maybe sometimes people have their reasons. But so what if they do? It might be the only way they know, the only thing they deserve, but I don’t believe in it, and it being right for them is far, far from it being applicable for me.

3. Been listening to lots of The Bird and the Bee, Bon Iver, and Noah and the Whale. Also, The Last Five Years soundtrack.

05 February 2009 Thursday

slated in moments at 6:40 am

Rhaeg has pretty much died :(
So I’ve placed an order for a new harddrive :)
Bigger and better. And I don’t expect to have permanently lost access to all my photos and personal files — I’ll teach Rhaeg to talk to an external closure or the docking station that I’ve also ordered.
Amazon loves me.

23 January 2009 Friday

slated in moments at 5:20 am

There is no ice cream and no fun cheeses in this house right now. Do I really live here?

22 January 2009 Thursday

slated in moments at 6:12 am

I cut my hair I cut my hair I cut my hair!

20 January 2009 Tuesday

slated in moments, days at 9:39 pm

Your President is now The President.

my Dad says to me. and I smile and smile and smile

15 January 2009 Thursday

slated in moments at 4:44 pm

There you are, Snow. Cold’s been hanging around looking (being) bleak and pointless, waiting for you to get here.

23 October 2008 Thursday

slated in moments at 5:13 am

Sewing buttons!



Logos is home

slated in moments at 3:39 am

Logos is home!! Let’s get him settled back in… [written on Dani]
.. ~7:40pm.

floppy drive failure, which I’ll need to figure out, but that’s certainly acceptable for now… chkdsk running on a few drives… at first the monitors wouldn’t display.. which worried me… but seems fine now… the fans both work properly, including full control of speed on the one in back — this was NOT the case before.. windows finished checking disk “please wait while your computer restarts” ::waiting::

13 October 2008 Monday

slated in moments at 9:44 am

Much dreaming last night.
I need to ramble. I need to crash everything and reboot….without crashing things. maybe I’m crashing some things. or, more likely, letting things crash.
Too much at once… too much because it’s unfocused and unproductive things.
I feel like I’m battling my subconscious a bit. And my subconscious is subtle and sly with me.
I’m thinking.

17 September 2008 Wednesday

slated in moments at 5:37 pm

Usually when I go to get my hair cut, this is what happens:
I tell the person I’m growing my hair out, so just to trim it according to her judgment but to leave it long as possible. In the course of their trimming, bit by bit I usually lose a good 3-4 inches each time this happens.
This time, yesterday, I tell the person I’m growing my hair out, so just to trim it according to her judgment but to leave it long as possible. So she immediately takes up a huge chunk of my hair and combs it all straight up over my head, and without a hesitation lops off about 5 inches with one snip.

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