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05 May 2004 Wednesday

freedom in MS Word

slated in as so at 9:37 am

I learned the best new trick in Microsoft Word today. I’ve always been frustrated with the limits of MSWord formatting, because of the very specific grid it lays out (invisibly, usually) to which everything—text, table lines, graphics—tightly snap to. Recently I figured out how to turn on gridlines and also change the intervals (to .02, for example, rather than .05 or whatever the default is). But that is a still a bit of a hassle, though definitely improvement. But today, I accidentally (oh happiness) discovered that, when dragging a table line/border by holding down the left mouse button, if you also hold down the right button, then the object you are moving is free from all gridlines. Free! Free from all gridlines! Hurrah! :) :)

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