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Enduring philosophies and favorite quotes

“Go back?” he thought. “No good at all! Go sideways? Impossible! Go forward? Only thing to do! On we go!”

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I’m a slave serving time for a life that I’ve forgotten.
if you stand in the middle you can keep your balance;


If there’s nothing left to lose then there’s every to gain
All the paragraphs and pages you could write could not contain..
It’s all about the the chance you’re taking..
The sun is setting and it’s ending ‘cause you’re letting it go..


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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

15 January 2009 Thursday

slated in scenery, memories at 5:37 pm

hello snow, 1984

Baby, it’s cold outside.

(12°F this morning/evening in 2009)

04 July 2008 Friday

Happy Birthday Toby o^_^o

slated in days, scenery at 6:24 pm

Happy 4th of July, and happy birthday Toby.

24 June 2008 Tuesday

Pictures of Antioch College (Reunion 2008+)

slated in scenery at 7:10 pm

Bookmarks for myself, if no one else. I haven’t been in Yellow Springs yet since… spring 2003? :-/

11 February 2008 Monday

pretty pictures

slated in scenery at 10:00 pm

16 November 2007 Friday

The view

slated in scenery at 10:46 am

Not bad, huh.

31 October 2006 Tuesday

Autumn views

slated in scenery at 6:49 pm

A few of the photos being printed to send to my brother in Cali and grandmother in Florida…
These are all taken at/from our house… pretty incredible view, neh? Beautiful time of year…though it flits by fast.

16 October 2006 Monday


slated in scenery, moments at 2:50 am

Alicson 2006-10-15 I visited the National Arboretum today.. The photo taken there… it’s a lot of things. it’s proof. it’s contrast. it’s truth. it’s .. cover. It’s me.

02 October 2006 Monday


part 2

slated in scenery at 1:09 am


So a slight drizzle toward the eve of this beautiful day decided to bring a fleeting rainbow over the lake outside our house..

Just enough time to snap a photo with the poor-poor resolution cellphone camera, and one with the decent lumix..

Rainbow over lake via cellphone
Photo via my Motorola v710

10 September 2006 Sunday


slated in scenery at 10:10 pm

Bluey, 1994 Maxima

08 September 2006 Friday

My September 7th

slated in scenery, days at 9:51 pm

My family, My moon

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