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10 February 2012 Friday


slated in dreams at 6:57 am

I’ve been having a good week. But went to bed late last night (~4am?) and had probably the most bizarre non-nightmare nightmare ever.. I must have been at the cusp of having just fallen asleep, and I must have been dreaming or daydreaming or something… and suddenly, out of nowhere, incredible violence… I don’t know if I did it or someone else did it to me, but it was so bad.. a bat, bashing the head and then the body down down bash and I snapped myself out and was immediately disturbed and thought, “where the HECK did that come from??” and the feeling/image of the bashing was still so strong and I didn’t even want to think of the part before the violence to trace its origin but it was so terrible and I was afraid of it staying with me and it felt like I would never forget that terrible violence and that it would stay in me and I concentrated away from it and turned away and still felt and focused on anything else and finally I got back to sleep and away from them. I didn’t try to recount it until this afternoon and found, very gratefully, that I had forgotten most all the details, except what I’ve recounted above.

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