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12 May 2011 Thursday

Sneakers and train stations

slated in dreams at 4:24 pm

At a grassy, hilly site that was apparently a plane station but more likely/ultimately a train station, I managed to lose a sneaker (how did I do that?) somewhere in the grass/hills/mud). I was looking all over for it. And relatives and family friends were there and were trying to help, and we were all coordinating and adjusting travel schedules (unrelated to my missing sneaker — I think). And I combed the full length of the hilly-side of the station compound and didn’t find it on that side (but ran into a coworker and her daughter seated on the hill (like stadium seating for a horse race or something? I was traveling along the hill-crest, like an aisle at an event arena). I combed from the other side and found it (and a/my sandal? what?) propped nicely in a corner where I had probably put it neatly when I first arrived, and concluded that one should always visit the edges before investing deeper and potentially-unnecessary efforts inward. My retrieved sneaker turned out to be pretty cool.. not cross-trainers as are my preference, but a nice bluish sneaker with a sole similar to one that I have from Japan (that you would not play sports in); everyone seemed to think the sneaker had been well-worth finding, though it didn’t cost much monetarily, and it was apparently prettier than I had remembered, though why I wouldn’t have known that from the other, non-missing sneaker that should make its pair, I don’t know.

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