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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

12 March 2010 Friday


slated in dreams at 4:52 pm

A strange, long dream. One I can’t really share here or hardly at all. My old house, I think more than three stories high in this case.. many people in it, but three guests in particular of note. Don’t know why they were there. Don’t recall any conversations had with them, though I did communicate with them (individually).. Each so different from the other. Don’t know how they managed to occupy the same premises together at the same time. Several times I expected one or a few to have left.. but I would find them again. I kept finding one of them, and sometimes another. Also present were two or three of my younger cousins. Later, went outside to the driveway.. I think looking for one of them? Someone had stacked the cars on top of each other.. some piles were 5+ cars high. Some practical joke? Who did it? Waited for police or something? How were they going to unstack them? Meanwhile, though, of course no one could leave.. which in some ways was a bit less stressful? I do not know.

Friend insists that dreams, while they (probably?) mean something, definitely do not mean what you think they mean. I really don’t know what I think this means anyway. It was a long dream, and really interesting, if only for its impossibleness.

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