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07 February 2012 Tuesday


slated in dreams at 2:44 am

I experienced that thing again where dream-like patterns flash before my eyes; even if I wake and look around my room, they still continue flashing before me like they’re projected from somewhere… this time seemed to flash a bit slower than usual, perhaps because of larger images in the center, faces, like faces on money but unfamiliar and either ancient or digital-looking.. Feels a bit scary..never know when the faces/patterns might morph into a nightmare… But even when I turned on lights and even when I turned over they still flashed for a bit.. I wanted to follow them but was more concerned with sleeping and not nightmaring; going to bed at 4am 3-4 nights in a row does not help me in this regard. But am fine. No crashing. And few nightmares despite the patterns; maybe twice in the past 6-7 months. But the flashing patterns continue to fascinate me.. really seems like a visual defrag or something…though I don’t feel or recognize anything when the pictures flash.

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