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26 October 2004 Tuesday

Textpattern Plugins Repository

slated in site-building at 3:43 am

This was written in regards to old ferrydust, late October 2004… It has been replaced for ferrydust v2, late April 2005.

This site depends on a heapful of plugins that were crafted and generously made available to and from the textpattern community. Without their efforts and benevolence, much would not be possible, and I am very thankful to them.

The following TextPattern plugins are installed to give this site its extra punches:

  1. asy_category_tags to link to categories or show context-sensitive category lists
  2. asy_showdate for control over display of the posted date of each entry
  3. dru_random_text to display random text from an external page – off
  4. mem_glinklist for improved Link Lists
  5. rsx_word_count for counting up the words in each post
  6. glx_if for an assortment of useful conditional tags
  7. akw_date_aware to have the date print once per day rather than for every article
  8. zem_link for greater control over permalinks
  9. zem_nav for navigation between posts and pages
  10. chh_article_custom to replace txp:article and txp:article_custom for all manner of ways to display articles
  11. mdn_section_archive for section archival
  12. mdm_if_category to pass content conditional on category
  13. mdn_if_section to pass content conditional on specified sections
  14. rss_if_author to distinguish between authors of posts
  15. rss_author_info to define information for authors
  16. rei_show_custom to show Texpattern’s custom fields
  17. gbl_blog_stats to print some basic site statistics, such as number of posts and of comments
  18. swf_if_empty conditional to recognize when fields are empty or full
  19. ob1_googlenav for a much better page navigation modeled after google
  20. zem_redirect redirect for Textpattern URLs
  21. ob1_title title for control of and flexible utilization of document titles
  22. spc_section_alias for section renaming and management
  23. glx_image for display and characteristics of article images
  24. dca_pop to allow for pop-up images from article image thumbnails
  25. poe_bbclone for integration of bbclone into textpattern
  26. live textile-formatted comment preview hack
  27. author highlight in comments hack
  28. zem_nth for alternating styles such as in comments
  29. quikpik admin hack for very improved efficiency in navigation of the admin panel
  30. self register mod to allow users to self-register to post/edit the site
  31. notepad hack to create an administrator’s notepad
  32. ob1_advanced_search for advanced search features for users
  33. rsx_request_count, for simple individual article counter
  34. anc_hide, for commenting out output forms! (and stuff)
  35. low_discuss, for customizing comments

Comments on Textpattern Plugins Repository

  1. please send me the gbl_blog_stats plugin.

    commented Tue 05 Jun 2007, 12:06:02 PM :: link
  2. sorry for the delayed response. uploading to textpattern.org now

    commented Thu 21 Jun 2007, 9:24:15 PM :: link
  3. are you still using the advanced search plugin? i’d love to see how that works.

    commented Sat 28 Jul 2007, 4:47:22 PM :: link
  4. The entire Johan Nilsson site where the GLX plugins are downloaded from is down. Any chance you could post the glx_image text file for those of us who cna’t seem to find our copies?

    commented Mon 27 Oct 2008, 1:27:04 AM :: link
  5. Thanks, good post.

    commented Thu 29 Jan 2009, 4:19:45 PM :: link
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