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26 October 2004 Tuesday

Textpattern Plugins Repository

slated in site-building at 3:43 am

This was written in regards to old ferrydust, late October 2004… It has been replaced for ferrydust v2, late April 2005.

This site depends on a heapful of plugins that were crafted and generously made available to and from the textpattern community. Without their efforts and benevolence, much would not be possible, and I am very thankful to them.

The following TextPattern plugins are installed to give this site its extra punches:

  1. asy_category_tags to link to categories or show context-sensitive category lists
  2. asy_showdate for control over display of the posted date of each entry
  3. dru_random_text to display random text from an external page – off
  4. mem_glinklist for improved Link Lists
  5. rsx_word_count for counting up the words in each post
  6. glx_if for an assortment of useful conditional tags
  7. akw_date_aware to have the date print once per day rather than for every article
  8. zem_link for greater control over permalinks
  9. zem_nav for navigation between posts and pages
  10. chh_article_custom to replace txp:article and txp:article_custom for all manner of ways to display articles
  11. mdn_section_archive for section archival
  12. mdm_if_category to pass content conditional on category
  13. mdn_if_section to pass content conditional on specified sections
  14. rss_if_author to distinguish between authors of posts
  15. rss_author_info to define information for authors
  16. rei_show_custom to show Texpattern’s custom fields
  17. gbl_blog_stats to print some basic site statistics, such as number of posts and of comments
  18. swf_if_empty conditional to recognize when fields are empty or full
  19. ob1_googlenav for a much better page navigation modeled after google
  20. zem_redirect redirect for Textpattern URLs
  21. ob1_title title for control of and flexible utilization of document titles
  22. spc_section_alias for section renaming and management
  23. glx_image for display and characteristics of article images
  24. dca_pop to allow for pop-up images from article image thumbnails
  25. poe_bbclone for integration of bbclone into textpattern
  26. live textile-formatted comment preview hack
  27. author highlight in comments hack
  28. zem_nth for alternating styles such as in comments
  29. quikpik admin hack for very improved efficiency in navigation of the admin panel
  30. self register mod to allow users to self-register to post/edit the site
  31. notepad hack to create an administrator’s notepad
  32. ob1_advanced_search for advanced search features for users
  33. rsx_request_count, for simple individual article counter
  34. anc_hide, for commenting out output forms! (and stuff)
  35. low_discuss, for customizing comments

About Me (2004)

slated in site-building at 3:41 am

This used to be the ferrydust ‘about me’, from late October 2004, retired late April 2005.

The thing you should understand, and maybe give some allowance for, is that i’m not really a webdesigner nor a programmer. I am a someone who likes designing things and playing on computers, and I wish I’d spent more time doing the former in the past several years. Regarding all the coding and programming and techinical stuff, I find I often don’t really know what I’m doing.. I am very thankful that other people do, and are kind enough to post instructions online for me to find, or to patiently advise me in the forums or even create specific scripts and plugins to indulge me. When remotely possible, I really like to be helpful too. I absolutely love that the internet makes so much so possible.

Anyway, this site is my learning process. Criticisms and constructive feedback and hellos and stuff are quite welcome. Just don’t be unnecessarily mean. Cuz that’s not nice. And I kick.

Replaced this photo (posted around 2005) for 2017.

The else you might find useful in contextualizing me and this site (same difference, sort of), are, first of all, I am me; and I am loved. Secondly, and every subsequent else, I have a ‘c’ in my name that is pronounced like a ‘k’, and my name doesn’t rhyme with anything. I have a younger brother, an asian mother, a caucasian father. I am several parts inclusive of Malaysian, Chinese, American. I am also decidedly sukoshi parts of ISB, RHS, UMD, Antioch, KSU, the Internet, the United States, journals, cherries, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries berries, and other mostly good things. I’m convinced durian is evil. Cookies are my thing. So is ice cream, and so are mushrooms (—the kind you put on pizza. The legal kind you put on pizza.) I always use the turn signal when I’m driving. 17-year cicadas in my presence offend me, as do mosquitos. I am a virgo. And female. I respond strongly to some many things cute, most things poignant, some things funny, and all things excellent. I have been often accused of being stubborn, emotional, and incredible.

I do suppose that was a bit excessively candidly self-indulgent. ..On second thought, this is my personal site. The very idea is excessive self-indulgence. I forgive me.

Thank you for stopping by / glancing through / meticulously reading everything on this site, and have a beautiful day.

21 October 2004 Thursday

First Post

slated in site-building at 6:48 pm

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30 September 2004 Thursday

Is it too late to come out of retirement?

slated in site-building at 2:21 am

i am so very very out of the game. and by ‘game’ i mean this whole website-building/designing/blogging thing. i let it go for a while.. and that was all good and fine, but now here i am, lost to whatever my previous state was. i kind of remember where i was and what i was trying to do, but now i don’t really remember all my personal shortcuts and arrangements and the basic skills and techniques i had built in short-term memory and repertoire.. they flew away, figuring i can learn it all over again. i can, it’s just going to be a whole up-hill adventure again. maybe the slope will be a bit easier..although i figure i’m even more out of shape now than i was before! and here i go with the rambling! and hadn’t i decided i was going to try to use proper quasi-complete sentences and something semblancing (yes, i am acquainted with the word “resembling”...what’s yer point) english grammar and common useage of Capital letters. well clearly that flew out the window too.

anyway, here i am. i haven’t reacquainted myself adequately enough to declare cheers of ..anything… but i haven’t given up the day i take that “pardon my ferrydust” sign off the site and replace it with some comfortable alicson-ramblingish and proseness stuff.

just to clarify, i’m not fulltime or even halftime back on this yet. but my eye’s on it and i’m looking forward to it. *boogieboogieboogie*

...holy &r@p. i’m completely forgotten html (and probably css too). okay.. so if i want to make some font smaller, then i… umm…

30 June 2004 Wednesday

Site Issues; My dying mouse

slated in moments, site-building at 6:51 pm

‘Having some site issues (some internal server errors and ‘ferrydust.com’ and ‘ferrydust.goodgrape.net’ are not resolving to where they should go, though ‘ferrydust.goodgrape.net/ferrydust’ is working fine. but.. oh. ‘just realized.. no one’s going to see this till the whole thing is fixed because who the heck would come upon that last url? it should be the straight up ’__.com’. but anyway, like i said, the site’s having some issues…)—which is not entirely heartbreaking, as the site isn’t even finished yet. But still, it’s always a little bit disheartening.

I haven’t had chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream in a while (maybe two weeks or so.. but it feels like longer).

I need a new mouse. USB, optical. Not cordless (blasphemy!) because with my current set up, there’s just barely room for the comp with the mouse next to it, and I also tend to use the mouse on my thigh… so I’ve had a recent tendency to drop my mouse a lot. Hence, (after quite many months of this, actually) my current mouse has started hiccuping at me, and I find it necessary to buy a new one.

17 June 2004 Thursday

Missing Rasasayang

slated in site-building at 11:41 am

Okay.. really.. Should I just move all of rasasayang—including the site name—to Textdrive, and leave ferrydust aside? (That other, current rasasayang site will die in June.) I’d be renaming everything currently ‘ferrydust’ to ‘rasasayang’ and then discarding ‘ferrydust’, for now… *very undecided*

9:50am update:
Okay. I think I’m going to let the rasasayang design go. I can’t quite figure how to make the whole thing liquid/dynamic with pure css, and ferrydust had been hinting at a new design with a different approach in the first place.. Maybe … hopefully … I’ll reincarnate that design as a fluid stylesheet in the future. For now, I’m just very glad that it got as far as it did.

16 June 2004 Wednesday

Moving this Site Along

slated in site-building at 4:30 am

It’s so past my bedtime. Okay, so the site is pretty fumbled right now… witness my learning pains. I’m not feeling totally comfortable about keeping the lavender-rasasayang design for ferrydust.. though I’m also reluctant to discard it before it ever had a real chance. But this whole thing is good for me.. through this transitioning I am becoming acquainted with Textpattern and its tags and wiley ways. I am also being forced to better learn CSS. Two plugins already: ramanan‘s Word Count plugin and greenrift‘s wonderful Calendar plugin (because I miss the old calendar navigation in Xanga, and I’ll miss it from my MovableType rasasayang (for a little while still) site.

There are some pretty massive issues with the site as it is right now… contrast definitely needs some adjustment; I have to learn the CSS to make those lines do what they’re going to have to do; I’m missing a footer and a navigation menu; etc. etc. etc. With a bit of faith and quite a few more (nonconsecutively..meaning maybe I’ll finish this year) late nights (12am is late for me these days. I’m not the youngun with the rep for never sleeping, as I once was. I start work at 6:30am, furthermore..), I think it’ll all work out.

Further note: so far, no tables. That doesn’t mean the coding is clean, though.. I’m still trying to learn what I’m doing. I’m going to be so tired at work tomorrow. goodnight..

15 June 2004 Tuesday

Comments On

slated in site-building at 9:38 am

The wonderful ramanan informed me as to how to instantly turn on all comments within a textpattern database. It seems he additionally wrote a small script for those without admin access to their mySQL databases.

I love that people know how to do this stuff. And even more importantly, that they do. Gives me a little extra faith in humanity, I think.

Migrating from Rasasayang.net

slated in site-building at 1:09 am

Good gracious. I seem to have successfully imported all of my rasasayang.net Movabletype entries into this Textpatterned site, all thanks to this fabulous thread in the Textpattern Forum. thank you ramanan, thank you. Now it will be a matter of importing the design.. I’m inclined to make a whole new one, though.. but my rasasayang.net weblog/site never really had a public opening, so I don’t think it’s fair to discard that design. It’s hardly had a chance at life. We’ll see though.. I already have the smoky wisps of a new design theme whispering at me.

Note: everything pre-June 8, 2004 was written either in Movable Type @ rasayang.net, or at Xanga.

Afterthought: shocked gonna have to figure how to bring over my smiley faces from rasasayang as well.

Furtherafterthought: ..that’s actually one scary-looking smiley face.

Andfurtherstill: it seems that, as a result of the migration, comments have been closed on all the old posts that came in from Movabletype. Not a big deal. Wonderful that the existing comments seem to have come through okay. I, however, am not a fan of closing comments in general; on several occasions I have encountered an interesting post on someone else’s site that is several months/years old, wherein the comments option has been closed. So then I can’t comment on that particular post, which is just a little bit sad.

I’m still reeling a little that the importation was so easy and flawless (after the searching through the forums to find and decide which technique to attempt.. lucky that the first real attempt worked really well! *happy*).

08 June 2004 Tuesday

Over The First Hurdle

slated in site-building at 11:09 am

Well, at least that shouldn’t ever be that hard ever again. I’m sure most of it was my fault.. and if this is all running properly at this point, then it is all much more than worth the trouble, anyway.

This marks my first experience with Textpattern, installed on the new Textdrive, both of which I intend to be utilizing a whole lot in the next few months/years. A note of great appreciation for the recent (and continuing, please! I’m counting on you guys) help from members of the Textdrive Forum, with a particular note of thanks to Damelon who walked me through the final stretch of this first set up (where there was blankness, now there is Textness).

Some important hurdles passed, and now only all the rest ahead. I’ll be around. :)

(and here’s an explanation of that first post: lipsum)

p.s. hosting is good. ;)

Everything is safely stored in the Archives