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11 March 2010 Thursday


slated in dreams at 5:37 pm

Dream involved a snake in my room. Hiding in the shelves/closet or something. Copper-colored, but very smooth, from the glimpse I saw of its head, so don’t think it was a copperhead. Not a big snake, but not little.. definitely thicker than my arm.. Definitely couldn’t sleep with a strange snake loose in my room. Tried figuring how to deal with it.. bonk it on the head? Try to crush its head? Chop it off? I think I’d settled on a somewhat thick hard-cover book with the hopes of crush/bonking it without seriously angryfying it. Bothered it out from its current hiding place only to have it dart under my bed. About 4am by this point. Haven’t slept all night. IRL I slept alright, though less warm than I’ve been used to. No snakes under or around my bed.
At least, upon waking, I know better than to chase a snake with a hard book.. Next time I’ll look for a shovel.

Comments on Snake

  1. Lee

    I’ll handle them. But we’ll get a shotgun just in case ;p

    commented Thu 11 Mar 2010, 8:21:52 PM :: link
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