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28 January 2010 Thursday


slated in dreams at 9:29 pm

Nightmare last night. Yet again went to bed much too late so was very very sleepy and that’s when it attacks — the sleepiness makes it difficult to break out of. It’s like knowing you’re sleeping and then trying to wake yourself up, but waking yourself up from the inside out is like focusing your eyes on a “Magic Eye” image, where a picture can be found in a two-dimensional surface if you just focus/unfocus your eyes at the same time in the right way.. I’m quite good at seeing Magic Eye images, but I haven’t quite mastered waking up right at will. I tried to wake up, shake myself, move, call out.. I tried to turn on the lamp next to my bed but it wouldn’t turn on.. maybe I was too sleepy/week to press the switch properly.. then later when I was sure I had hit it and tried another light, I decided the power was out in my room/house.. I got up.. still very sleepy.. like walking in neck-deep water.. and made it to my door. There seemed to be a pulsing light coming from that direction; I reasoned it might be in response to the power being out (like a small backup power supply).. It took a little while longer but I realized I probably wasn’t awake yet, and then shook myself out enough to wake for real.. Felt rather unsafe for a little while… went back to bed, sleeping on my other side (the way to avoid falling back into the same dream. I’m no scientist, but this seems foolproof).

My friend had a dream about me last night.. Apparently I was shoving a baby into her hands.. A “little wrinkled Gerber baby” .. so it definitely wasn’t hers and definitely wasn’t mine (based on our nationalities, neither of us would produce Gerber-looking babies). I wonder whose baby it was.

Comments on nightmares and babies

  1. Lee

    Sleep early tonight, Meinu.

    Take it or they’ll swoop you up.

    commented Fri 29 Jan 2010, 1:51:51 AM :: link
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