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14 January 2010 Thursday


slated in dreams at 6:46 pm

In my dream: I was playing basketball in a gym class or something. I don’t think I was paying much attention or feeling particularly involved in the game. But at some point I half-consciously found an opening to act as a pick, but it was sloppy and could have easily (probably should have) been called blocking (penalty against me/my team). But somehow the whistle was called on her and I was not called for blocking. I think she might have fallen or knocked into me in the first place. I’m not sure I was entirely in the right, but it wasn’t entirely obvious either, and had I been a bit more graceful about it it probably would have been a very solid and unarguably legitimate pick. Well I seemed to know who the other girl was, but we weren’t friends at all; just a usual schoolmate. She was quite pretty, I knew her to be a bit outspoken and maybe a bit obnoxious; I knew I didn’t like her very much, but didn’t hate her or feel much of anything about her either. She was not pleased that I was not called for blocking. I was quiet through the whole thing. But then, since I was no longer half-conscious, I found the next opportunity and set up a very solid pick on the point guard who was being covered pretty well by one of my teammates. Other team girl with ball ran into me (in the dream, she saw me, hesitated, but maybe momentum or some other silliness caused her to step forward again anyway and, with me standing right there, she bumped into me and I win. So then we get called off to the side of the gym by the teacher-or-other, and I don’t know if we’re standing about.. I think we’re probably sitting, because I get comfortable and find a spot toward the back to lay down on my back (with my head tilted up to pay attention to teacher). Girl who I initially blocked has followed me to where I’m laying and tells me she’s just going to have to really watch and cover me now (not in a resentful way, but the appreciative tone of a rival who concedes that I pose a challenge. We both know we’re friends now, and she lays down with her head on my chest, and I put an arm around her. We nap/listen to the teacher talk.

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