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"Everything counts a little more than we think..."

28 May 2009 Thursday


slated in dreams at 4:31 pm

Neil Gaiman was in my dream. Was concentrated more on his house than anything — wow what an amazingly elaborate, genius, splendid house. It was designed with more fantasy/woodlore elements than myth/legend, which is what I’d apply more to Gaiman, but that didn’t register to me until later when I was awake. Very elaborate and fascinating home.
My mom was generally present as well and I was trying to explain to her the merits of the house and getting her to come see it. I did get to see Gaiman and tried to adequately convey to him my thanks and my awed impression of his house and himself. I think he was more glorified in my dream than I view him in real life, but IRL I am definitely very impressed and with him on many fronts. Too bad that ridiculously awesome house isn’t real, though. It may have been rather beyond my own design/conception abilities as well. Hmm.

Another part of my dream included the parody film Dance Flick; I went to see it at the theater (which I wouldn’t do.. I’m not keen on those parodies..) and there weren’t many people there and I was thinking that I don’t really want to spend my hours on that movie, but the Wayan brothers were actually present and I didn’t want to make them feel bad by having so few people watching their movie… But I did end up leaving, and going downstairs to enter a different theater and that “movie” turned out to be very interactive and much more than a movie and had to do with … magic? life wisdoms and secrets? a woman on the very late side of middle-aged or the early side of elderly was conducting what was more of a class than movie, and it dawned on me that a ~$10 movie ticket probably didn’t cover what was apparently more like a (multi?)thousand dollar session. So what did I learn? I hope my subconscious grabbed something.

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